Bra is a crucial part of every woman’s attire so one should choose it wisely. Some important matter you should keep in your mind whenever you are going to buy a lingerie. If you maintain certain criteria while buying one you will be happy with the outcome. Every woman wants her lingerie to be perfect so it is crucial to buy them carefully. Let’s have a look on the criteria you should maintain:

1.     Find the perfect size & the right fit

When buying a bra one should buy the actual size of their breast. To know how to measure

the actual size you can take the help of internet and figure out the perfect size. You should also be careful about the cup sizes if your measurement requires A cup and you put on B that would be terrific. So, find your cup size from A, B, C, D, E, F, G.


2.     Choose a type which comforts you

There are several types of bras and panties out there but you have to choose one which is comfortable yet fashionable. Lace bra , single padded bra, wireless bra, cotton bras are very comfortable to wear on a regular basis. For occasions you can wear push up bras, seamless is super comfy bra you can also take that. So, try to select your type first and then go for it.


3.     Be aware of the fabric

Often we get distracted by the look of a product not knowing the quality of it. Thus, you have to make sure the quality of the fabric is 100% comfortable of your inner. Undergarments should be soft and harmless because these are the protectors of your sensitive areas. Fabric quality matters a lot in case of choosing an inner.  

 Whether it’s a nighty or a lingerie set try to select an easeful inner. And for that you can choose us because we provide 100% qualitative products in Dhaka and around the whole Bangladesh. Our products are tend to be the best products you can find and which will definitely make you feel comfort within.